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Welcome to the Chakras Foot Reflexology© Website. Here you will find information about massage, chakras, reflexology, chakras foot reflexology, professional services and much more.

What is massage?

The word massage comes from the Greek root “masso”- to touch.  Massage is one of the most natural, relaxing and beneficial arts of healing for the body.


What is Reflexology?

There are approximately 7,200 nerve endings in each foot that directly correspond to glands, organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is a method of using pressure points to stimulate these reflex areas.

Reflexology treats the whole body through the feet, hands and ears. This results in an improvement of well-being, health and energy flow through the body.


What is a Chakra?

Chakra is from a Sanskrit word which means wheel of light. There are seven major chakras and hundreds of minor

chakras all over the human body. Chakras are subtle energy centers that emanate a luminous energy that makes up the aura which surrounds the body. This subtle energy  spinning  in and out of the chakras is constant. It is believed to stop spinning only at the death of the body.  Practitioners believe that they can see and feel the chakras by second sight, laying on of hands and even using a pendulum.


What is Chakra Foot Reflexology©?

Chakra Foot Reflexology© is a holistic technique that combines Reflexology  and  Chakra knowledge. This holistic technique focus on certain reflex points in the feet and combine this with a specific massage sequence.

This sequence works on the seven major chakras beginning with the first chakra and ending with the seventh chakra.


In each chakra, there is a complex interaction with neurological and physiological systems through the nerve endings in the feet. This interaction or connection of systems helps the bioenergy in the feet flow more smoothly from the feet to the top of the head when Chakra Foot Reflexology© is applied.


How does the energy flow up the chakras?

The source of the energy is absorbed into the human body through the first chakra. This energy flows from the first chakras, end and out of each of the six chakras, until it leaves the top of the head, like a fouintain.


Rosalyn L. Bruyere, in her book Wheels of Light, explains, “When energy enters the body through the feet and moves up to the first chakra, it does so by moving from the thighs in the direction of the tailbone, which spins the energy down and forward at an angle. So, the first chakra does not really face forward.”  The natural energy pattern is to move upward in a continuous flow, in and out of the spine, and out through the top of the head.


So the energy, whose source comes from the earth’s magnetic field or from another philosophical point of view, some would say the universe, enters the human body through the feet.  This is why working with the feet is so important. Chakras are interdependent with the body’s neurological and physiological systems and this impacts a person psychologically.

What are the benefits of Chakras Foot Reflexology©?

With the chakras cleansed and flowing correctly, a certain frequency is set up opening the person to:

• Increased total vitality: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual
• Promoting overall relaxation
• Stimulating an energetic balance of the seven major chakras
• Promoting a healthy balance between body, mind, spirit and cosmic energy
• Encouraging the development of a healthy lifestyle
• Developing the awareness of higher spiritual dimensions
• And much more…
Chakras Foot Reflexology© is recommended for:
• Persons who desire a healthy lifestyle
• Victims of domestic violence
• Sexual abuse survivors
• Drug abuse survivors
• Cancer survivors

Chakras Foot Reflexology© is contraindicated for the client who is experiencing:


- Severe swelling/Blood clot
- Fever/Infection disease
- Advanced diabetes
- Pregnancy
- Thrombosis
- Heart disease
- Chemotherapy
- Use of drugs
What are the benefits of a therapeutic massage to the client?


- Improve circulation
- Relieve muscle tension
- Promote overall relaxation
- Reduce stress
- Increase vitality
- And much more

Who is Janete Barringer?


Janete Barringer is certified by the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork Therapy, certified in Reflexology and licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist for the State of North Carolina. She is a Brazilian who lives in Charlotte with her husband and daughter. Janete Barringer developed the Chakras Foot Reflexology ©holistic technique in 2009. At this time, she is in the process of publishing her two massage books, in English and Portuguese, titled "How to do Draping©" and "Chakras Foot Reflexology©". She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Where did Janete Barringer graduate from?


Therapeutic Massage Training Institute. Charlotte, NC/USA
Brazilian-Chinese Institute of Education & Culture. Curitiba, Pr/Brazil
Center for Balance of Energy. Curitiba, Pr/Brazil

Photo of Original Draft of the Chakras Foot Reflexology© Developed by Janete Barringer in 2009.

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Janete Barringer, LMBT
NCBTMB# 532217-07
NC License# 7224



Important - For Chakras Foot Reflexology© session, the client should wear loose comfortable clothes and underwear with natural fibers that do not interfere with the aura. Example: silk, cotton or wool. Please, bring one pair of clean socks 100% cotton. Thank you. 


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